Kennis Blogs No pain, no gain? How to streamline your Atlassian Server to Cloud migration

No pain, no gain? How to streamline your Atlassian Server to Cloud migration

Let's be honest. Server to cloud migrations can be challenging. They require extensive preparation and planning, not to mention the technical know-how needed to deal with different platforms in different programming languages. Attempting a migration to cloud without the support of experts can result in longer project timelines and increased costs.  But despite these hurdles, the benefits of moving to the cloud are undeniable.


In this blog, we'll share what we've learned over the years to help you minimize the pain and be well-prepared to migrate from Atlassian Server to Cloud. 



Clean up your data before migration

We always advise cleaning up your data and reducing clutter, such as deleting duplicates or unused apps, before the migration to Cloud. The amount of data in your instance determines how time-consuming and complex the migration will be. Knowing what you need is key and eliminates unforeseen issues. Cleaning up your instance before a (test) migration leads to a smoother process, reduced performance issues and improved productivity in cloud.


Not sure where to start? Avisi can help you analyse your instances and advise you with best practices. 



Setting a realistic timeline

Migrating to Cloud takes time and won't happen overnight. The key to success is thorough preparation, which is why our migration process always starts with a detailed assessment. The timeline for the migration, from assessment to launch, typically ranges from 3 to 12 months, depending on the complexity and size of your environment, as well as the availability of resources. 


Let's look at an example of one of our largest migrations. Discussions and assessments with our client began in 2021, the technical part of the migration started in March 2022. Despite our customer's flexibility and diligent efforts in cleaning up their server environment, the migration proved challenging. We faced many configuration and tooling-related issues during the technical migration process. We overcame these obstacles through close collaboration with Atlassian and our proactive problem-solving strategies and delivered a successful migration in July 2022. The customer was completely satisfied with the outcome of the project, praising our communication, the detailed updates, and overall organization. 



Call in the big guns: Team up with an Atlassian Solution Partner

  • We are an Atlassian Specialized Partner in Cloud
    Our Cloud Migration Team has a proven track record of delivering successful server to cloud migrations with a dozen projects under our belt. These projects were great learning opportunities and allowed us to hone our skills and perfect our approach. With years of experience and a diverse range of migrations, in various industries and for companies of different sizes, we have the expertise and knowledge to make your migration process as seamless and efficient as possible.

  • Experts in all things Atlassian
    We have been working with Atlassian tooling for over 15 years. It is literally our job to know everything about Atlassian products and processes. Our deep understanding of these tools and close relationship with Atlassian allows us to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.


  • All the manpower you need
    Working with Avisi means having access to the manpower necessary to complete your migration successfully. Our team will provide you with a dedicated single point of contact, who will manage all aspects of the migration from start to finish. This includes managing communication with Atlassian, vendors, license management, and the migration work itself. 



What our customers say about working with us


I would highly recommend working with Avisi. Avisi helped us migrate from Jira and Confluence to the Atlassian Cloud. This was certainly not without its challenges. We are dealing with a number of plugins, some of which are easier to migrate than others. As a result, we have experienced delays. What distinguishes Avisi is the openness and clarity in their communication and flexibility in planning. One consequence of the delay was that a number of licences expired. Here too Avisi has completely relieved us of the burden by taking care of this. So that our operation could continue. They know their way around the Atlassian world well and transfer knowledge well. All this in a pleasant atmosphere of cooperation. I would certainly do such a project with them again.

- Promedico -



Successful migration according to planning and without trouble

Avisi has helped us to migrate from an on-premise Jira instance to the cloud. We appreciated Avisi's thorough approach with good preparation and planning, the clear and friendly communications with prompt follow-up on questions and issues. This resulted in a successful migration according to planning and without trouble for our organization.

- Nikhef -



Ready for action? 

Support for Atlassian Server products will end on the 15th of February 2024. In order to stay supported, you can make the move to Atlassian Cloud or Data Center. We know it is a significant change, but we are here for you. We are an Atlassian Cloud Specialized Partner and have extensive experience implementing cloud services. Let us help you take the next step!