Kennis Tell, don't sell

Tell, don't sell

Hey we're no different than anyone else, we're all just trying to make a living. And yeah, we do aim to make a profit. Like a lot of people, we don't like dirty money though - the business was built on long term relationships and that's how we intend to go forward... No cash grabs here.

The thing is, we want to tell the world how good we really are, we want new opportunities for interesting projects and we want new revenu streams... We do want it all, but we don't want to be pushy about it. We want to remain ourselves and spend our energy on what we really enjoy doing, what we're really good at... and selling just isn't on that list.

In the IT world, traditionally, the story has been simple: More selling, more clients, more money.

And yes, we do want more clients because they give us the money and that brings the women, the cars, the boats... you know - the lifestyleI! But I digress...

So the real question is how do you get new clients without doing any selling then? Well 'Tell, don't sell' has become somewhat of a motto for us. We just try and tell our stories (on this blog and in person) and hopefully, they will reach some people who will eventually turn into clients.

Because honestly, unless you have sales in your blood, when you try to sell stuff - you look like a bit of an ass... and there's that big red warning sign that pops up in people's brains. You try to convince, they try to resist and the result is usually at least a bit awkward.

When you're telling true stories however, people get that 'yeah right, that's just what I was thinking / what I was looking for' feeling. Or they don't - and well, that's the end of that... not much time and/or energy wasted.

It is that connection, that 'I can relate to this', that might actually result in some business. So selling becomes something entirely different... it's sharing your vision, your experience, it's being honest, it's putting yourself out there, as you really are... And when all that results in building cool stuff with people you create mutually beneficial relationships with, AND you make a profit, well... that's just freakin' awesome!