Kennis Boilerplate code doesn't bother me that much [1/2]

Boilerplate code doesn't bother me that much [1/2]

Andres Almiray vented his frustration on the creation and maintenance of boilerplate code - you know, getters, setters, toString, equals, hashcode, singleton and factory stuff - citing Project Lombok as an alternative.

Project Lombok certainly looks nice, taking away boring work and cleaning up the code. A problem may be that you need different plugins for different IDEs; I intend to look further into this later on, so expect a follow-up.

There was, however, a major difference in the perception of the problem that Project Lombok intends to solve. Andres saw the generation and maintenance of boilerplate code as a big problem in software development. I myself am not that much bothered by it; generation is easy with modern IDEs and takes near to no time at all. More importantly, the little time it takes I use to ponder over more complex tasks ahead. This works especially because the task doesn't need much attention. So if these tasks weren't there, I'd probably be staring blankly at my screen for that same amount of time.

On the other hand, cleaning up the code could be very useful. I am especially bothered with all the "if (LOG.isDebugEnabled()) { }" blocks that distract from the flow of the code, so maybe Project Lombok is something for me after all.