Kennis Blogs A closer look at our Confluence Add-ons

A closer look at our Confluence Add-ons

About Confluence

Collaboration, sharing, discussions, documents, knowledge, wiki, intranet. These are some of the keywords people use when talking about Confluence. Confluence started out as a wiki-like system but it goes a lot further than that these days. We've seen it (or installed it ourselves) in many different forms, like (social) intranets, public websites, knowledge bases or just a place to store documents. With Confluence it is easy to create content, to share it, to find it and to breathe life into it. Besides that, it's easy to customize or extend Confluence and it's openness allows you to do just about anything you like with it.





Atlassian offers a marketplace to customize or extend your Atlassian product with hundreds of add-ons to choose from. There are add-ons to create Visio like diagrams, to number your headings, to theme your intranet or to add workflows for publishing content, to just name a few. Many of the available add-ons are free, some cost money. Commercial add-ons (or plugins) usually offer good support and regularly ship with new features. Many free add-ons are reliable also but in some cases, they can be slow to update or offer poor support, so you will need to be careful when choosing them. You can usually tell if a plugin vendor is reliable by having a look at the comments on his marketplace page and/or by looking at responses filed on his issue tracker page.


Our own public add-ons

Internally, we aim to produce documentation quickly and easily, documentation that is equally quick and easy to access and to understand - for all the people we work with. Confluence offers great features to help us accomplish these goals, right out of the box.

Still, our focus for Confluence add-ons until now has been in the realm of documentation, because it not only allows us to satisfy our own objectives completely, it allows us to contribute in making Confluence a state of the art documentation tool.


Numbered Headings

It's not often that Atlassian passes on a critical feature in their tools. But for good documentation, this one is not available by default: auto numbering of your headings. We're proud to say that this is one of the top free downloaded add-ons, with currently 27,842 downloads and counting.


XSD Viewer

In the spirit of making all of our documentation understandable (yes, even our most technical documentation) we built the XSD Viewer plugin - because as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This plugin helps developers create easy to maintain documentation for XML Schema Definition files, readable for both technical and non-technical people alike!


Git Add-On


This is the newest member of our plugin family, the Git Add-on for Confluence. The Git Add-on keeps your attachments in sync with your Git repository and can even display files in your documentation. Think of it as a Read me file or code snippet you can use in your page and on every push to your remote server, keeping your documentation up-to-date automatically!

When combined with our XSD Viewer plugin, you can even keep your XSD diagrams up to date in this way!


Our not so public add-ons

Besides developing add-ons for the Atlassian Marketplace, we like to think of ourselves as integration craftsmen, developing custom add-ons, macros or other customizations of Atlassian products to satisfy even the most complex needs for our customers.

Here's a sneak peak...



With the Keychain plugin we're able to store credentials in our documentation pages. We can limit read, write or admin permissions to users or groups. This is extremely useful for us when working with many customers to secure their environment information.


Download helper

The Download helper has been created for a customer that's using their Confluence as a community platform for their product. Release notes, technical documentation, licenses and downloads are all available. Downloads however, should only be available to those who actually purchased the product. In combination with Atlassian Crowd we've secured their Confluence so that downloads are not only visible only to those who should see them but also, that it verifies before download if the end user has the right permissions to do so.


SAML2 authentication

For Enterprise organizations, security is very important and most of the time there's already an infrastructure in place for this. We've developed customizations on a wide variety of Atlassian products, including Confluence, to use authentication methods that are already in place. Employees can then benefit from using the same authentication method for all their products.



Besides add-ons for documentation or integration we are also partners with Zen foundation and Refined Wiki. You want your Confluence intranet to reflect your company's brand or you want to use it as a base for a public site? Whether you choose Zen, Refined Wiki or a totally custom theme, we can help you make Confluence look the part!



Can we help you?

As you can see we are experienced with a wide variety of add-ons. Do you currently use an Atlassian product but find there's a feature missing? Maybe we can help you out.