Kennis Adding value to integration - evolving from the trade mission

Adding value to integration - evolving from the trade mission

In our latest blog about integration we compared integration to a trade mission. I would like to elaborate on extending the handshake...

When looking at integration solely from a point to point perspective, the end result will not usually be fully satisfactory. Getting a complete overview on how the services will be used and what requirements are needed is more than just filling in the requests and replies.

When looking at services which are part of the needed integration, the following additional service features need to be considered:

  • Why is this service in place, what is the goal / responsibility of the service?
  • What is the state of the service before calling the service?
  • What happens to the service after the service call, are there any state changes?
  • What security needs are there, is this an internal service, should the data be encrypted?
  • What functional errors can result from the service call?
  • Is the service part of a composite service, is there need for message ordering?
  • Which QOS elements are to be met, eg. performance, availability, reliability?
  • Version of the service, what version of the service are we communicating with?

Interested in how and if these features apply to your business case? Feel free to contact our integration expert service.