Kennis Don't team up with a Type III developer

Don't team up with a Type III developer

There are two types of great developers.

The first type is inimitable in what he/she does. You can't keep up with the speed of his work. He writes thousands of lines of quality code where others write 10. Or he writes 10 lines of code where others need a thousand. He comes up with frameworks that make you think: I could have thought of that (but you're always late). It's the kind that always thinks he's right. And it's the darnest thing, he always is.

The other great type is the kind that works in a different pace. He/she takes all aspects in consideration. Writes less code, but tirelessly picks up the dirty work that also needs to be done. He reads documentation and... writes documentation. He communicates with and cares about customers. Often also the type that grabs you a cup of coffee.

Both are great to work with! Make sure you team up with either type, just not with a Type III.