Software Development Without Relations

Avisi werknemer

Avisi werknemer

Published: 19 May, 2014

No, this post is not about the relationships between developers. They are normal people too. It is more about the fact that, for over 20 years already since the rise of OO languages like Java, developers are still trying to get data into relational database tables. Of course there are libraries like Hibernate that do the Object to Relational Mapping (ORM) for you, but in the end you’re still trying to create a (3rd form normalised) relational structure that fits with your real world objects. Oh, and next to that you're trying to get the data back into your application in such a way that it still performs well.

Luckily, nowadays there are proven alternatives to access the application data in such a way that it fits with your application’s view of the world and that it is blazingly fast as well. Welcome to NoSQL! Take for example MongoDB, a JSON document database, in which you can easily store and retrieve an object-oriented view of your application data. This makes the business logic in your application pretty straight forward (no more hibernating/joining/data modelling to bridge the relational gap) since you can directly focus on the important part of the application: the actual business requirements.

Oh, and just like the normal world can change, the MongoDB view of the world can adapt easily as well. This since MongoDB is schema-less, and can scale with the increasing business demands.

Welcome, NoSQL databases, and goodbye relations!

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