Seamless development workflow with Git and Atlassian

Avisi werknemer

Avisi werknemer

Published: 24 June, 2014

As Atlassian experts we rely heavily on Atlassian products for our day to day work. Our workflow makes use of Git, Stash, Confluence, JIRA and JIRA Agile, amongst others. It so happens that the folks at Atlassian just recently released a product pack which offers you essentially the same seamless experience. It's called Git Essentials.

What is Git Essentials?

Git Essentials lets you take control of your development workflow, it combines the leading issue tracker JIRA with Git repository management (Stash or Bitbucket) to create the most optimal development process for your team. By customising workflows you create a seamless process for tracking and sharing development progress within your team.

What if I use SVN for version control?

We got you covered. Obviously Git Essentials is solely based on Git, but if you're ready to move forward, we will gladly help you with your migration from SVN to Git.

On Premise or OnDemand?

The products included in the Git Essentials differ from the choice of whether it's hosted behind your own firewall (On Premise) or in the cloud (OnDemand).

For On Premise you get the following products:


For OnDemand, the suite consists of these products:


The only difference in fact is the choice of repository management tool. Where Stash offers all the management you could wish for behind the firewall, Bitbucket does the same for in the cloud!

The products mentioned above are simply awesome, but let's be honest... for you to get the most out of them and implement that seamless process in your organization, there might be some support and training required. And that's exactly where our expertise comes in to play...

What Avisi can do for you.

From beginning to end, our experts can guide you on your journey to becoming a true workflow ninja.

We will support you throughout the installation and configuration process. We'll assist you in choosing the hosting solution that best suits your needs, from the choosing the right hardware for the job, to making sure you start with an optimal setup.

After installation, we help configure the complete stack and make sure the products are integrated correctly so you can take full advantage of that brand new seamless workflow.

Finally, we offer custom trainings to Git (phun intended) you going as fast as possible.

These trainings cover:

  • Stash / Bitbucket
  • Git workflows
  • Bamboo
  • JIRA integration

They're focussed on specific products, as well as your own unique workflow. Essentially, it covers the following:

Creating branches

Creating and merging pull requests

Using optimal workflows which best suits your teams needs

Keeping track of your development progress

and of course, much more...

Once a ninja, always a ninja.

To make sure you maintain that ninja status we offer follow up trainings where we make sure that you keep your Git flowing. We'll go over the things your team struggled with, the areas that could use improvements and the successes you've had. Together, we'll tackle any problems in order to help make you and your team even more awesome.

We're really excited about Git Essentials and what it means to our dev teams, so if you are too and want to find out how it could work for your organization, make sure to visit our website and request an hour free consult!

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