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Gert-Jan van de Streek

Gert-Jan van de Streek

Published: 8 September, 2014

A very special welcome to the interns of this semester! We found two great candidates that will join us from september until january 2015: Casper Kolkman and Juan David Castellanos. We are confident these two will learn a lot and even teach us new things.

Casper will do research on advanced user management and implement a state of the art product based on his findings. The result of this assignment will help Avisi deal with the growing user base due to the steep growth of projects and parties involved in the development projects. All the tools and (virtual) machines in our advanced development infrastructure are accessible for customers and participating parties. This requires clear procedures and good communication. Automated in a proper way this will help establish a great user experience.

Juan David will help us build a monitoring tool for the production process in a chip manufacturing environment. A lot of events come in from the factory floor and have to be normalised, grouped and verified. This involves statistical computations based in historical data for limit checking. Alarms can be raised by the tool and manual inspection of the data in the form of graphs on parameters and trends is also part of the assignment.

We are confident we have the necessary elements for a challenging assignment and aim to help both of you to make another step in your knowledge and experience levels.

Have fun and surprise us!

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