Kennis Serious request: we need your help!

Serious request: we need your help!

Dear readers,

We need your help, we really do. Our colleagues can't stop finishing projects way before the official deadlines. As a result they start wandering through the hallways, dropping in and out of our marketingoffice with 'revolutionary ideas', start discussions about the evolution theory or daydream about the shape of the universe before and after the Big Bang.

It's not a matter of poor planning (although we're working on it, just to be sure), it's a matter of underestimating their abilities. Frankly, they're too smart for the job. To illustrate: our lead developer recently built a rocket during lunch (this is the same guy as the one daydreaming about the shape of the universe, it's a space thing) and our test automator is rumored to be a ghostwriter for Stephen Hawking.

Furthermore we have a security expert, an automator and a developer who we would just love to provide with loads of work. We have just spotted our UI/UX expert joining the evolution theory discussion so we're guessing he's got some spare time as well.

So, here is our request: Get them a project! We challenge you to challenge them. One great SCRUM team (specialized in Integration and Security) is available as of now!

Please contact us and give them a challenging project, we'll be very grateful.

All the best,
Bas and Anne

P.S. In the meantime we'll keep our marketingoffice safely secured and wait for help, hoping for the best.

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