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Gert-Jan van de Streek

Gert-Jan van de Streek

Published: 7 May, 2015

Our marketing department is not afraid of asking for help. They ask for help on a lot of things, which is not a problem, as longs as it is not about images in Prismic... again... That's why we hired a 12 year old to do some research and write a definitive guide on images in Prismic. These are the results:

  • Uploading and selecting images is easy
  • Resizing an image is easy
  • Resizing the grid is a piece of cake
  • Constraints are annoying, if you don't know they are there
  • The buttons at the top are awesome, if you know what they do
  • What's the problem?

Let me show you how it's done:


There, any questions?

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