Techday (in)Security: join us July 30!

Avisi werknemer

Avisi werknemer

Published: 20 July, 2015

techdaysAt Avisi, we like to stay sharp, share knowledge and have fun. That's why we organize our so called Techdays every last Thursday of the month. The goal is to create a relaxed setting where we can all learn about and/or share new found technologies, techniques or methods.

Our next Techday is on July 30. This Techday is about discovering vulnerabilities. We will discuss several issues, such as: do you know the top 100 most used passwords ? Have you ever been phished? And would you be a good hacker? In an interactive and light-hearted way Daisy Rasing-de Joode takes you on a journey into the world of (in)security . Also interesting and informative for non- engineers!

Sounds cool, right? We have 5 spots open for people that want to take part in our Techday. If you want to join us on July 30, please leave a comment below or shoot us a line at


15.00h: Opening
15.15h: Presentation
16:15h: Hands-on
17:45h: Evaluation
18.15h: Drinks and food

Location: Meander 251, in Arnhem

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