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Avisi werknemer

Avisi werknemer

Published: 29 July, 2015

ASAS just keeps on getting bigger and better. This year we're adding ASAS Nights to our symposium. The perfect way to warm up for ASAS!

ASAS Night September 2nd : Wouter Lagerweij

Wouter Lagerweij will host our first ASAS night. During his session "Don't refactor. Rebuild. Kinda" he will show us how extending some existing approaches to system improvement can give teams working on legacy systems, renewed energy and belief (through experience) that high quality is possible.

ASAS Night September 30th : Yves Hanoulle

For the second night, we have invited Yves Hanoulle for a session called "The Agile and Lean Mindset". A lot of people struggle with what it means to truly BE agile. In this talk, Yves hopes to inspire us with his ideas for an agile and lean mindset.


Want to join? Tickets are €25 per night. If you already bought a ticket for ASAS 2015 on October 14 you're welcome to join our ASAS Nights for free! We'd love to see you there. However, we only have a limited amount of tickets available, so make sure to apply in time. Get your tickets here!

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