Agile plans for the coming year

Jaap Weber

Published: 23 December, 2015

It has been a year since I started working for Avisi as an Agile coach. So, this would be a nice time for a retrospective and some planning for the future. With the team, we created a couple of nice products around Agile. We helped multiple companies become more Agile and especially enjoyed the bootcamp trainings with all the fun and games (balls flying around the room and such). I am looking forward to next year. We will of course keep improving our products. We are going to offer Agile products that focus on awareness, best practices training and adoption: we've listed them below.  Now, I am off for the holiday season. In 2016 I want to take you on a deep dive into our Agile maturity model. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Awareness sessions

Awareness sessions are be the best place to start when your organization is new to working Agile. These sessions will explain what working Agile will deliver and change for you, your organization, your management, your stakeholders and your customers.

  • Management Team Agile Awareness session
    During the MT Agile Awareness session for C-level management, we take you on an Agile journey from different perspectives (end-customer, organization, management, stakeholders, business owners) to highlight the possibilities, benefits and changes that come with working Agile for your company. In this interactive session there is more than ample opportunity to dive into the specifics for your organization and discuss best practices for management, planning and reporting. This awareness session can be a good precursor to the Agile Maturity check or for the different trainings we offer.Related blogpost: How expensive will this feature be in the Agile world?
    2 hour session for € 600,-
  • Agile Awareness for your company
    During the Awareness session for your company, we take you on an Agile journey from different perspectives (end-customer, organisation, management, stakeholders, business owners) to highlight the possibilities, benefits and changes that come with working Agile for your company. The focus will be on what Agile exactly is and how your organization will be transformed.  This awareness session can be used as a kickstarter for Agile adoption within the company. The recommended follow-ups are the different trainings, starting with the bootcamp training2 hour session for € 600,-
  • Agile Bootcamp Training
    To take a step back from daily business and give attendees a head start in this radically different way of working, Avisi is offering the Agile Bootcamp training. This very intensive training is meant to experience the Agile roles together with all members of the process. In only one day, not only the basics of Agile are covered, but attendees really get a deep understanding of the principles of the Agile manifesto. This training sets the stage for adopting an Agile culture within your organization. This training is the recommend prerequisite for the different Agile best practices trainings.1 day for max. 25 attendees for € 9.000,- plus location costs.

Training in Agile best practices

These trainings can be independent from any particular tooling. As Atlassian experts, we do offer several different products to help companies implement and use Atlassian tooling. When relevant, we make use of the Atlassian products in these trainings, so you get a combined best practice of Agile processes supported with Atlassian Agile tools.

  • Agile for teams training
    After the Bootcamp training, this is the moment team members get down to business. This training learns attendees to operate as a self-managing team, using the functionality of JIRA Agile. The attendees will start to form their team and the relationship with the customers, based on the Agile principles. Process, customer interaction, working in a multidisciplinary team and agile tooling are all part of this training. During the day, the role of the Scrummaster will be discussed more comprehensively. Teams are challenged to choose the Scrummaster directly from their midst during the training: self-management in optima forma. This training balances between theory and hands-on experience with both individual and team exercises.1 day for max. 10 attendees for € 7.000,-
  • Agile for product owners training
    A product owner is the person that holds the product vision and determines the "what" of the product. Each team should have only 1 (team-facing) product owner.  In this hands-on training both the mindset, role and skills needed for the product owner are trained.
    A product owner is the key to success on the operational level for working agile, stakeholder management and doing the right things.Related information: Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell - YouTube
    1 day for max. 5 attendees for € 4.000,-


  • Project, Program and Portfolio Management
    The Project, Program and Portfolio management (PPPM) best practice is a combination of processes and tools. We dive into how the planning and reporting process works. How to get from an idea to the implementation and budgetting and then report on it in an Agile way. We visualize the entire process that we base on the SAFe portfolio process. In the best practice we make use of different Agile boards from JIRA Software. Depending on your needs and use cases this can include JIRA Portfolio to give you complete insight and overview of your entire PPPM process.
    Half day for max. 5 attendees for € 3.000,-

Agile adoption

Doing some awareness and training in best practices doesn't make your organization Agile. Since working truly Agile requires a mindset change across the whole organization, adoption of the new way of working is key. We offer the following best practices, services and solutions to help you and your organization to become truly Agile:

  • Maturity Check
    There are multiple parts and ways for an organization to become Agile. To help with the identification of the right places to improve and become more Agile, we have developed our Agile Maturity model that focuses on the whole organization including culture, processes and tools. The result of the Maturity Check is a star rating on the different parts, culture, processes and the organization as a whole. The check will result in an overview of how Agile you are and a roadmap on how to improve to the next level.Price on request.
  • Rolling out and scaling Agile
    We have developed a best practice for scaling Agile within the organization. Our preferred method is scaling vertical, also known as scaling per product or product-chain. We do this so all the organizational impediments are identified quickly and the whole organization is broad in line for one product. Instead of having local optimizations we prefer to optimize the whole organization. The added benefit is that this gives your organization the chance to fix the impediments and process before rolling out across the whole organization. Plus: on all levels you can have champions and best practices to pull in the departments and teams that are more reluctant to change.Price on request


  • On the job Agile coaching
    The best way to follow up the trainings and to accompany the adoption processes or is to get on-site Agile coaching. We offer different kinds of coaching to help you become Agile faster and better. Coaching is also available as standalone coaching to help out with a specific topic:
    • Management team Agile coaching
    • Product owner Agile coaching
    • Agile team coaching
    • Specific Agile Consultancy with the help of KATAs€ 950,- per day

If you're interested in one of these products or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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