Kennis Blogs Onboarding and Asset Management using Jira and Confluence

Onboarding and Asset Management using Jira and Confluence

At Avisi, we strive to automate as much as we can; it's in our DNA. We do this because we like it, but more importantly, we do it to reduce the strain of repeatable tasks and to eliminate the human error factor. When possible, we also try to introduce the fun factor into some automated work processes, like for example, the gamification of employee onboarding...


In this blog post, I will show some examples of how the onboarding process for new employees can be facilitated in Confluence and how to you can connect people to specific assets (or equipment) using Jira.


Onboarding new employees in Jira

To keep track of the recruitment process, employees and assets, we use a Jira project with issue types 'Jobs', 'applicants' and 'employees'. For the recruitment process specifically, we get insight on the people applying for a particular job and the stage they are at in the process.


System Administration


The first step in setting up this project was to define issue types representing jobs, applicants and employees. For applicants and employees, we've defined two simple workflows: one for hiring an applicant and one that indicates the status of an employee.




Let's go ahead and create a new applicant (btw: we're hiring)

Create the issue a.k.a. applicant


Create Issue


When we plan the interview, we can add a due date to the issue so it pops up in our agenda. Other features that may be of use are using custom fields to add participants for an interview or using issue links to refer to a Confluence page for the general discussion and/or meeting notes relating to the job or the applicant.




In this scenario, Mitch Davis is the candidate we were looking for and we came to a mutual agreement. The onboarding process can now begin. What we've done in this workflow step (issue: Applicant / workflow step: Hired) is to automatically create a linked Jira issue of type Employee and create several sub tasks under that issue that will outline the different tasks we need to perform. For example there will be subtasks for handing out a laptop and a transponder (key). Here's how that workflow step looks like.




Upon hiring Mitch, we want to select someone that's going to coach and assist him for the first couple of days and weeks. We do this simply by configuring a screen with a field of type user picker.



So by indicating that Mitch has been hired, a linked issue has been automatiically created with several (sub) tasks and someone as been made responsible for coaching Mitch.


Linked Issue


Further, browsing through our inventory (we use Insight Asset management for JIRA by Riada for this), we can see that we currently have two laptops and two keys in stock.




Assigning one of the available laptops to Mitch looks like this:


Assign Laptop

Object Interview


Gamifying on boarding using Confluence

Next to creating sub-tasks for selecting the Mitch's equipment, we've also automatically created an onboarding page in Confluence page using Scriptrunner for Jira. We're using an exiting page as a template which we can then modify. This is the code we use to fetch the template page:

.. def confluenceTemplatePage authenticatedRequestFactory .createRequest(Request.MethodType.GET, "rest/api/content/146945686?") .addHeader("Content-Type", "application/json") .execute(new ResponseHandler<Response>() { @Override void handle(Response response) throws ResponseException { if(response.statusCode != HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK) { throw new Exception(response.getResponseBodyAsString()) } else { def jsonSlurper = new JsonSlurper() confluenceTemplatePage = jsonSlurper.parseText(response.getResponseBodyAsString()) } } }) ..

The Confluence page is used to explain who the key contact persons are within the organisation, who Mitch should talk to for specific topics and to encourage him in going a bit further than that. That's where the fun part of the onboarding comes in... Mitch can earn stars for every onboarding 'task' he checks off. Can he beat the all-time highscore?




Credits: the idea of earning stars and levelling up originally comes from //SEIBERT/MEDIA.


Do you have questions about implementing an onboarding process using Jira and Confluence?


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