Kennis Blogs Avisi is proud to be a Silver Member of the CNCF

Avisi is proud to be a Silver Member of the CNCF

Since December 2021, Avisi Cloud is a proud Silver Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation with its product Avisi Managed Environments. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) drives the development of Kubernetes and other fast-growing open-source projects. With this Silver Membership, Avisi is one of the 10 Silver Members in the Netherlands. 


State versus Change

Software is continuously in development and must always function optimally. Whereas most hosting providers focus on State, Avisi Cloud focuses on the Change mindset. ''We were looking for a partner that focuses on the continuously changing ecosystem, a platform where the entire stack - from infrastructure to Kubernetes - is automatically managed to facilitate the Change mindset. The existing solutions do not focus on this. That's why we made a solution ourselves, called Avisi Managed Environments'', Jeroen Veldhorst - CTO of Avisi Cloud - explains. Built on Kubernetes, the Avisi Managed Environments platform ensures that the applications (and associated infrastructure) are managed and updated in a 100% automated manner, giving users up to 20% additional development capacity.


CNCF is the organization behind Kubernetes. Using Open Source technology, such as Kubernetes, is free and with this membership Avisi Cloud wants to give back to the Cloud Native community. “We believe it is important that the development of Kubernetes and Cloud Native technology is going well. Not only because we use them ourselves, but also because we help other organizations to make better use of these techniques. With this Silver Membership, we contribute to the community. This way we get better together'', says Veldhorst.




Thought Leadership

This CNCF Silver Membership gives Avisi Cloud the opportunity to share knowledge through various communication channels, such as CNCF Blogs, Kubernetes Blogs & KubeWeekly. ''We want to deliver value and expertise to the community. We would love to explain how you can set up an environment properly, which problems you can encounter and how you can prevent these. The end-user wants his applications to be available at all times and it has to work properly. We wish to empower the community through our knowledge and expertise in order to have end-users achieve this. As a Silver Member of CNCF, the end-user can expect this from us'', says Veldhorst. Avisi Cloud has built its own platform - Avisi Managed Environments - and this is why there is not only knowledge about individual components, such as Kubelet, Kube-Proxy, and Kube-API Server, but about the entire stack. Veldhorst says: ''We are software developers ourselves, and our origins lie in automating solutions for our customers and ourselves. That is why with our CNCF Silver Membership we can offer knowledge to benefit everyone in the community.''


Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) builds sustainable ecosystems and enables collaboration between the world's largest public and private Cloud Providers, innovative start-ups, end-users and project contributors. CNCF hosts critical components of the global technology infrastructure and serves as a vendor-neutral home for many high-growth projects on GitHub, such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, and more.


More information?

Would you like to know more about the Silver Membership and how we use our knowledge for the Cloud Native ecosystem or gain 20% development capacity with Avisi Managed Environments? Get in touch!