Atlassian Gap Analysis

Where do you stand with regard to your Atlassian tooling, where should you go and how can you get there? An Atlassian gap analysis will provide all the answers. 

Our approach

By analyzing your current situation, we will determine your organization's wishes together. These wishes are translated into the desired situation, from which we can analyze how this can be achieved. We will write a detailed plan on how your organization can bridge this "gap". We will also give advice on how you can optimize the use of the Atlassian tooling in your organization to achieve maximum results. Your final report will be based on three pillars: governance of structure and process, continuity and last but not least, tool optimization.


  • Make use of the knowledge and experience of our team of Atlassian experts.
  • Obtain an objective view of your situation and the gap between the current and desired situation of your Atlassian tooling.
  • Be able to make informed choices and ensure minimal waste of resources.
  • Effectively and optimally use your Atlassian tooling in your environment and for your business processes.

The report

A valuable report in which the current and desired situation are outlined with an objective view of:

  1. Problem areas.
  2. Potential risks.
  3. Prioritizing choices that have a major impact on projects and the continuity of organizational processes.


We are happy to help you implement the recommendations in the report with one of our consultancy packages. You are also free to do the implementations yourself or outsource it to a different third party. In addition, we can also take care of the maintenance of your Atlassian environments, so you can be sure that your environments are always up-to-date!


Gap analyses start from  € 2.500,-
depending on the complexity of the project.

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