Atlassian Performance Analysis

Application performance issues can have a major impact on the productivity of your users. This goes beyond just the time it takes to load a page. Users become frustrated and distrusting of a poorly performing tool, which can even lead to them avoiding to work with it.

The most common causes of the poor performance of applications are not related to the size or set-up of the environment but are related to the configuration of the product itself. By conducting a performance analysis, you gain insight into the causes of the poor performance of your Atlassian tools.


  • Benchmark your own performance statistics and compare them to industry standards (based on Atlassian's and Avisi's standards).
  • Identify performance bottlenecks, related to both the application and the environment.
  • Identify specific add-ons and other integrations that slow down the environment.
  • Use the benchmarks and baseline data to measure increased improvements.
  • Tune your environment and applications to current data instead of assumptions.

Return On Investment

Our Performance Analysis gives you insights that can prevent downtime, loss of productivity and user frustration caused by a poorly performing environment. If these improvements result in a few minutes of increased productivity (per day per user) organizations with 1000+ employees can save up to ten thousand to hundreds of thousands of euros per year.


Prices depend on the type of environment (Cloud, Server or Data Center) and the number of apps. Please contact us to discuss the options.

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