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Our Atlassian experts are here to help you with all your needs, including performance issues, technical or functional questions or missing functionalities. We aim to answer your questions and resolve issues as quickly as possible. Delivering quality work is one of our most important core values. This is reflected in the way we provide remote support to our customers every day. In addition to picking up support questions quickly, we offer high-quality support from qualified Atlassian professionals with years of experience and extensive specialized knowledge.

Our way of working

We analyze the issue, reproduce it and investigate the cause of the problem. This allows us to come up with a sustainable and solid solution.

The benefits of a Support punch card

The support punch card is a flexible way of using our support services. It's easy: you purchase credit for a number of hours in advance. This credit can be spent directly on questions about your Atlassian tooling. We have listed the most important benefits for you:

  • Be in control over the amount of money and time you want to spend on support.
  • Support time is spent in blocks of 15 minutes.
  • Credit can be spent on all types of questions about the Atlassian tooling and Marketplace apps.
  • In contrast to Atlassian, if permitted by the customer, we can log on to the customer's server to investigate the issue.
  • Access to our service desk and a possibility to request time registration.
  • When purchasing a new punchcard, the remaining hours of expired punchcards are extended by 1 year.


We offer various Support punch cards:

4 hours
8 hours
16 hours
€ 650,- € 1.200,- € 2.200,-
Response time
Within 1 day
Solving time
As quickly as possible
1 year


Do you need a support subscription that includes SLAs and guaranteed availability? Please contact us for more information about our customized support subscriptions

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