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Is your organization in need of Atlassian expertise to help you with all your Atlassian issues? Our team of qualified Atlassian experts have different backgrounds and specialize in different fields so that each issue can be addressed using the right expertise. Our consultants are happy to think along with you about process optimization, new tooling and possible implementations using best practices.

Teaming up with our customers has always been our top priority. By collaborating with our customers during the implementation and adjustments, you will be able to quickly take ownership of the tooling. Forget about reinventing the wheel! Use the expertise of our consultants allowing you to set up an environment that is, and will remain, manageable and scalable.

Don't risk wasting time and money. Let us help you to make informed decisions to ensure the best start of your project. Avisi can also make sure that your Atlassian environment not only fits your organization's needs but also is and will, remain manageable, scalable and performing optimally.

Benefits at glance

  • Use the years of knowledge and experience of a multi-disciplinary team of Atlassian experts.
  • Short lines of communication with our consultants.
  • Our knowledgeable consultants make connections and find out what lies behind your questions.
  • Grant yourself an optimal start, save time and energy, and prevent future problems.
  • Be able to take full ownership of your tooling.

What do we do during consultancy days?

Depending on your issues and challenges, we spend consultancy days:

  • Optimizing processes and tooling 
  • Installing and configuring Atlassian and Marketplace applications
  • Offering advice on best practices and quick wins
  • Giving workshops, training, Q&A's and coaching
  • Consulting

What is included in our package deal?

  • Planning and coordination
  • Preparation
  • Report
  • Travel expenses
  • Contractual activities / administration


1 day € 1200,-
2 days € 2200,-
3 days € 3100,-
4 days € 4000,-
5 days € 4800,-


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