Atlassian App partners

Our partner vendors help you to get the most out of Atlassian tooling!

Atlassian products provide the basic tooling that allows teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively. The vast number of functionalities are a good start for the optimization of your (software development or other business) processes.

As the use of the tooling increases and the organization grows, you will start to demand more of the software. Atlassian knows they cannot meet all these individual and specific wishes. Their solution has been to create their own ecosystem called "The Marketplace". Through this platform, vendors offer apps that complement Atlassian software and meet the needs of Atlassian customers.

In addition to our own apps, we have established partnerships with a number of selected vendors. Their apps add a lot of added value to the Atlassian products. We work closely together with these vendors during implementations and optimization processes for our clients. The overview below lists our partners and their apps (click on them to learn more). 

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