In project management, it is useful to gain insight into what employees spend their hours on or what costs are involved in each project. Tempo offers useful applications for this objective.

We practice what we preach at Avisi: we use the Tempo applications ourselves. This enables us to view issues from both a user and an administrator perspective. Tempo offers many different options, which can make implementation a challenge for some organizations. 

Are you looking for a solution for your resource management? Do you want to make schedules, budgets and time-tracking transparent? Tempo's apps might be the solution for you! We can help you design, implement and manage the tool so that you can use it optimally. Our consultant will collaborate with you in organizing and optimizing the tooling. You can also opt for our remote support options with a support punchcard. This allows you to ask for help when you need it. In addition, we can also organize workshops or train you in specific topics.

Are you interested in purchasing Tempo add-on(s)? Contact us for more information.

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