Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk facilitates the organization and securing of ITSM processes. The tool ensures that customers (both internal and/or external) in need of support are helped as quickly as possible, without undermining the ITSM process. Jira Service Desk makes sure that your employees can resolve issues efficiently and can answer questions quickly.

Thanks to the web interface, the individual submitting an issue is kept informed of the progress within the issue processing process. Jira Service Desk also lets you build an FAQ which will reduce the number of tickets. 

Jira Service Desk


Statuspage is a perfect addition to Jira Service Desk. It makes communicating about the state of an incident (such as your website being offline) as simple as possible by means of automation and standardization. As a result, your specialist's time is used more efficiently and customers and employees are informed about the progress.

We offer the same services for Statuspage as for Jira Service Desk, with the exception of the training.

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Each of the steps above can be purchased separately or be combined in a customized package. Jira Service Desk and Status Page are easily integrated with other Atlassian products. We offer a free 1-hour consultation to explore all the options with you.

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