Proof of Concept

In some cases, seeing a demonstration of a product is just not enough. You want to be able to test a tool properly before you decide to purchase it. Maybe you're looking at a customized integration? Or you're thinking about implementing a complex add-on, but you do not have enough knowledge or experience with the tool to make a well-informed decision. Don't worry - a Proof of Concept (PoC) can help you out.

We are happy to help you with a variety of PoCs. Think of things like setting up a Jira Service Desk tailored to your requirements, a customized integration with your ERP package by using the API of both systems or trying an add-on to synchronize multiple Jira instances.

A Proof of Concept gives direction to the questions coming from your organization, makes wishes and needs clear and determines if Atlassian tooling is the desired solution for your organization and use cases. It gives you quick insights into the chances of success of your project whilst also minimizing risks.


  • Make use of the knowledge and experience of our team of Atlassian experts.
  • Get the chance to try out different Atlassian apps and integrations during a test period without being directly tied to high or fixed costs (from hosting or licenses).
  • Set up a PoC tailored to your organizational requirements.

After the Proof of Concept

After a PoC has been completed and tested, we can help you with further implementation, additional adjustments or advice with regard to the rollout within your organization. We can also help you with other matters such as license management, regular application maintenance, and functional or technical support.

The purpose of a PoC is to find out if a specific solution fits your organization. This enables you to make an informed decision to continue with the project or not. It also gives you an overview of the consequences, timelines, and costs.


PoCs are conducted within the agreed-upon budget based on cost per hour (our consultancy rates apply).

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