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Working in Agile teams has become quite common in the world of IT. Though it has drastically reduced the number of failed IT projects, working in an agile team also comes with a new set of challenges. How do you keep an overview of all the different teams? How do you ensure that different teams continuously coordinate their activities and goals? How do you make sure that what is developed still aligns with your strategy?

We have developed a method that allows you to stay in control of your projects. Our experts are here to help you take your agile transformation to the next level by using the right tooling to get a grip on your project management.

Implement Scaling Agile using SAFe

Our approach is based on the SAF(e) method, also known as the Scaling Agile Framework. The purpose of this methodology is to increase the agility of your organization and to align teams so that you can deliver maximum value to your customers while minimizing the waste of time and money. As every organization is different, we will collaborate with you to make a plan that is tailored to your needs. Other consulting organizations often focus mainly on setting up processes, whereas our approach is to also emphasize the importance of using the right tooling and making sure your colleagues feel confident in using the tooling in their daily work. To do this, we will train your teams for quick adoption. Our approach takes care of everything surrounding setting up Scaling Agile for your organization. Some advantages of choosing us include our clear way of working, more insight and overview, and being in control of your projects.

Atlassian Tooling

We don't just implement stand-alone processes. We believe that these processes are only properly adopted by your organization if the tooling is tailored to your needs and your staff feels comfortable using it through full training.

Atlassian's Jira Software is the # 1 software development tool used by Agile teams. By enriching your Jira Software with Portfolio for Jira, we provide you with a complete dashboard to manage and plan cross-team requirements. In addition, this dashboard offers a cross-team overview that will quickly identify bottlenecks so that immediate action can be taken.

Proper project documentation - from architecture to meeting notes - is essential to make all project-related information directly accessible to teams. By using Atlassian's Confluence, you can link documentation and Jira tickets which provides a better overview and encourages collaboration.

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