Custom software: Automated issuing of SSL certificates for notaries

Type of assignment: Custom software
Client: GlobalSign / Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie (KNB)

Automated issuance of SSL certificates

As notaries work with a lot of privacy-sensitive information, they require a secure platform to work on. Every notary office needs its own SSL certificate to access this platform. Issuing new certificates has always been a complex process that involves a lot of manual work leading to a higher risk of human error. All of this led to the KNB commissioning an application in which issuing certificates to notary offices could be safe and simple. Avisi collaborated with GlobalSign to build this application.

A new certificate in 7 seconds

We assembled a dedicated team that worked closely with GlobalSign in order to realize the new self-service application. Security and simplicity of use were the two most important drivers of the project.

Our new application sends a message prompt to notary offices 40 days before their SSL certificate will expire. This gives notary employees plenty of time to apply for a renewal of the certificate. The password is sent by SMS to a telephone number of their choice. The process of processing the request to receiving the SMS takes no longer than 7 seconds.

In comparison

Before implementing the new self-service application, the process for applying for a new certificate would take around 6 weeks. This required a lot of manual work and the KNB service desk had to work overtime to keep up with the demand. The new application allows the vast majority of the certificates to be issued within one minute without any additional support.

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