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Applications must be available at all times. This is a requirement for business-critical applications. After all, you want to provide your customers with the best possible service! However, it is not easy to offer optimal performance 24/7. You have to deal with weekly updates and underlying infrastructures. And we haven't even mentioned additional tooling, such as logging.  These are complex structures that require maintenance, insight and expertise. Insight and expertise that we can offer your organization with Avisi Managed Environments (AME).

Silver Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Avisi is a Silver Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider! The Cloud Native Computing Foundation drives the development of Kubernetes and other open-source projects. We like to share our knowledge with the Community. Read more about this partnership and KCSP.

ACC ICT ontvangt internationale certificering Kubernetes Certified Service  Provider


Applications are not static

Many organizations outsource their infrastructure to Managed Service Providers, Hosting Providers, or Cloud vendors. These providers specialize in continuously monitoring the application performance. However, these parties overlook one thing: your applications are constantly changing. Whereas these providers focus on State or guarding the status quo, Avisi Managed Environment focuses on Change.

We develop software too

As software developers, we understand better than anyone that the State mindset doesn't work for continuously developing applications. Software Development is an infinite process. It requires a different way of working. That is why we work with Kubernetes to manage applications in a 100% automated way. 100%? Yes, really 100%!

The benefits of Avisi Managed Environments

Avisi Managed Environments provides you with many benefits. We have listed the most important ones for you.


Maximize the potential of your Managed Environment

Did you know that autoscaling can help you use your resources more efficiently? And that it is important to improve your security posture to avoid risks on your applications? Visit our product documentation and read our blogs to get the most out of your Managed Environment!

Avisi Application Performance Stack

To maximize the performance of your applications, Avisi Managed Environments provides you with a Performance Stack that gives you all the insights you need into the performance of your applications. This gives you all the tools you need to analyze, troubleshoot and improve.

For 20 years we have been responsible for the performance of business-critical applications. For example, did you know that we are responsible for the proper performance of all real estate transactions in the Netherlands? Is your IT infrastructure delivering optimal performance? Or could it use some help? Then contact us via the contact form.

Make your applications perform optimally!

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