Jira training and consultancy at Vancis

Type opdracht: Jira training en consultancy
Opdrachtgever: Vancis

A better overview of tasks

Our client for this case, Vancis, is a provider of high-quality IT services for educational, research and healthcare institutions. Their teams needed a tool to get a better overview of the work to come in order to prevent projects from not being completed on time. They went looking for a tool that facilitated agile product development to give the teams the overview that was needed.

Extensive training program: Get agile!

Jira turned out to be a suitable tool, but Vancis had no experience in using it. They started looking for a partner that could advise them on best practices and they found a match in Avisi. Our Atlassian experts helped Vancis with the initial setup of Jira, but the biggest win was made by the training program. We suggested an extensive training program that was not only based on working with Jira but also included working agile in general. For example, part of the program was a 1-day boot camp training to get acquainted with agile principles.

Vancis is now agile

The situation at Vancis has changed considerably, partly due to our efforts and advice. A number of Vancis teams (the precursors) have started to work drastically differently and as a result, have a much better overview of their tasks. The other teams are also gaining experience in this new way of working and further steps are being taken.

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