Jira implementation & support

Type of assignment: Jira implementation
Client: ICT Group

Need for a Jira environment

ICT Group offers technological solutions and services for making processes smarter. After using SVN / Trac for years, they noticed that Jira was being used increasingly more within their project organization. This interesting observation led to the decision to look into the costs of implementation. ICT Group wanted to compare two scenarios: the cost of building and migrating Jira themselves or having this carried out by an external party such as Avisi.

Working with Avisi

The communication between ICT Group and our experts went smoothly. Over the course of several meetings, our Atlassian experts explained which options we could offer and how that related to ICT Group's wishes. Those insightful meetings convinced them to work with us.

Despite the fact that ICT Group is a technical automation company with a lot of in-house knowledge, we turned out to be a welcome partner. By outsourcing the Jira implementation to Avisi, they were able to keep their own resources free to serve their customers. It also saved the company valuable time that was otherwise spent gaining in-depth knowledge of the tools and keeping it up-to-date.

After the successful construction and migration of the Jira environment, the collaboration remains pleasant. ICT Group's demands are constantly evolving and our Atlassian experts rapidly meet their requests.

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