Developing and implementing Confluence as a Social Intranet

Type of assignment: a Confluence intranet implementation
Client: Graydon

Confluence or Joomla?

Graydon provides insights into the creditworthiness of 80 million companies worldwide. Before our collaboration, the company used two platforms interchangeably as an intranet: Confluence and Joomla. Confluence was only used by a handful of employees. Many others were unfamiliar with its possibilities and as a result, the tool seemed too complicated. Additionally, Confluence was not a necessary tool for them and using it was not actively encouraged. In comparison, the options with Joomla were clear but limited.

The choice: Confluence

To stimulate mutual cooperation, Graydon wanted all employees to be able to view and use the same information and documentation to share knowledge. They ended up choosing Confluence. Their goal was to create a new, comprehensive platform that would be accessible to everyone. Our Atlassian experts set up and implemented a Confluence platform. We considered all "musts and buts": the platform was structured and available options were mapped out clearly.


The lines of communication between our Atlassian experts and Graydon were short and straightforward. Wishes or challenges were addressed immediately. Our experts gave clear advice so that Graydon could always make informed, final decisions. This made for a pleasant experience for our client.

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