Implement ITSM in 5 days

Providing the best service to your customers is crucial. There are common issues like not being able to handle service inquiries efficiently or critical issues not being handled at all. Does this sound familiar? Don't worry, we are here to help you to upgrade your IT Service Management (ITSM)!

ITSM consists of a set of systems, processes, and procedures that supports and manages IT services in an organization. In order to implement ITSM effectively and efficiently, it is important to first define all company processes and then to proceed by setting up the IT supporting tooling. During these phases of implementation, it's also essential to involve your staff in these changes.

ITSM processes

You can't talk about ITSM processes, without mentioning ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). The main ITIL processes are:

  • Incident management
  • Service requests
  • Problem management
  • Change management

Of course, not every business is the same and it will depend on your organization which of these processes should be implemented. It is always important to tailor the processes to your own organization's needs.

ITSM tooling

Great service management consists of a combination of properly setting up your ITSM processes and combining it with the right tooling. There are various tools available, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Jira Service Desk

In our opinion, Jira Service Desk is the best tool that offers many benefits for most organizations. Here is an overview of some important advantages of Jira Service Desk:

ITSM processes & Jira Service Desk implemented in 5 days

Our extensive experience in setting up ITSM processes and our expertise as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner make us an excellent choice for your ITSM improvements. This process is done in iterations. We start off with some whiteboard sessions to define the ideal processes for your organization. This is followed by the implementation of Jira Service Desk, which allows you to test before we continue. Once you're satisfied, we will start to design the next process.

Though our approach is to work carefully and in iterations, a typical consultancy project doesn't have to take long. In many cases, we can implement both the processes and the tooling in just a few days. We will also immediately start training your service desk agents, making sure your agents are feeling confident and have the right skills to work with the tooling and processes in an optimal way.

At the end of day five, you will receive documentation of everything that has been done during the implementation process. After completion, we will train your service desk agents to efficiently work with the new processes and tooling.

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