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Implementing Kubernetes is complex. We know!

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The Kubernetes Cloud Native ecosystem moves extremely quickly and you are continuously updating systems. It is easy to lag behind on Kubernetes itself, the container runtime, or other critical system components. Without good automation you will never be able to keep up!
 But these challenges are nothing compared to the benefits, such as:

  • High Availability
    Kubernetes keeps your applications running smoothly. Even if nodes go down, your applications are always available.
  • You are in control
    Easily scale up or down your application deployment by running or removing nodes from your cluster. You have control on how your nodes run and deploy.
  • Fast deployments
    Deploy your applications faster into production, from days to minutes. 

Do you want to take advantage of these benefits? As a Kubernetes Service Provider we can offer you the help you need to get started. Contact us to get started with Kubernetes today!


Managed Kubernetes

Did you know that we also offer Managed Kubernetes? Avisi Managed Environment is a Managed Kubernetes platform across multiple Cloud providers. We offer a fully managed and integrated stack. Our stack: 

  • is based on upstream and it is fully conformant;
  • is focused on ease of use, day-2 operations and compliance; 
  • has a SOC2 Type II report and is ISO27001-certified;
  • allows you to manage and access clusters, using personal accounts with Single Sign-On and MFA.

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