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A performance platform for your Atlassian stack

At Avisi, we use Avisi Tools as a full operational service to develop software for our customers. We understand that it is imperative that your Atlassian software is always available to your users whilst also running smoothly and without errors. 

You don’t want to spend your valuable time dealing with issues such as underperforming Atlassian environments or upgrading software. However, poor performance or data loss can have major financial consequences. To put these risks into numbers, we have outlined a few examples based on 50 employees at an hourly rate of € 70.

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Stop wasting your financial resources by outsourcing the operational services of your Atlassian stack to experts!


Your software,  our care

Your company will fully benefit from the Atlassian stack by using the Avisi Tools platform. The platform allows your application to perform optimally whilst also benefiting from our technical and functional support on both the platform and the software. Avisi Tools combines the convenience of cloud applications with the benefits of on-premise. No more worrying about the design, setup, security, availability, maintenance and updates of both the environment and the software applications: Avisi Tools is a one-stop-shop that takes away all your concerns about the Atlassian software.

The advantages

Besides avoiding financial risks, the full operational service Avisi Tools offers a range of benefits to your company, including, but not limited to:

Full operational service

Avisi is a process-driven organization made up of specialists to support your every need. Your applications will run on a scalable platform on which many processes have been automated. We have set up monitoring, including backup & recovery processes, that will automatically take effect if necessary. The extensive automation allows for regular updates, frequent backups (optional custom schedules) and more - all to achieve Operational Excellence on your chosen set of tools.

Your company will receive its own environment hosted by AWS in the European Union in accordance with the GDPR. This environment is completely isolated from our other customer environments to ensure privacy and security.

To fully benefit from Avisi Tools, we have combined our full operational service with the functional support of our Atlassian Platinum Partner experts. Is your company fully equipped to functionally support your own organization? Go for it! If not, and are you in need of functional guidance? Our experts are able to help you set up the software according to your use case. You can be assured that we are able to meet your wishes.

At this moment in time, our full operational service Avisi Tools is designed for Atlassian tooling. In the future, this service will be extended to include SonarQube and Artifactory. We offer technical support at no additional cost because we feel responsible for your environments.

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