Agile plans for the coming year

Jaap Weber op 23 December, 2015

It has been a year since I started working for Avisi as an Agile coach. So, this would be a nice time for a retrospective and some planning for the future. With the team, we created a couple of nice products around Agile. We helped multiple companies become more Agile and especially enjoyed the bootcamp trainings with all the fun and games...

How expensive will this feature be in the Agile world?

Jaap Weber op 24 November, 2015

I quite often get the question if hours or story points should be used. The short answer is, you should use both. In this blogpost we will discuss when and how and help you answer the question: How expensive will this feature be and when will it be done? To answer this question I will dive into our best practise about accurate estimates and...

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