How code reviews work

Gert-Jan van de Streek op 25 January, 2017

Since all the real fuss started about pairing and code reviews I’ve only seen one approach in code reviews work really well and that’s pull requests. Pull requests force a peer review and if you implement them well, they rarely get merged without the opinion of an extra pair of eyes. So, I’m really going to write about code reviews in the...

How we got CISSP's

Daisy Rasing-de Joode op 18 January, 2017

Barri Jansen and I went back into the school banks last year. Mid-2016 we decided to affirm our security related knowledge by getting the CISSP-title. CISSP stands for Certified Information System Security Professional (Lord, how I hate those unpronounceable titles) and is the leading international title in information security. When someone...

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