Hackathon: Smart Solutions for Water and Nature Management

Geert Liet op 22 October, 2018

Introduction We got invited by a partner company to participate in a hackathon with the theme Smart Solutions for Water and Nature, which they called a Makathon. The Makathon is an open innovation event to which everybody is welcome to participate, regardless of expertise. We partnered with two companies: Axionomic and SPIE. Axionomic is a...

Achieving goals with 15Five

Jeroen Schonenberg op 8 October, 2018

It’s a cycle most of us will recognize: a few times a year we have a performance review with our managers. We have big plans about how we’re gonna do it all different this year. We’re gonna give that talk, we’re gonna get to the bottom of that new language, and we’re gonna finish that side project. But a week later all those things have...

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