An introduction to GraalVM (with examples!)

Frits Berger op 28 June, 2019

Run anything faster anywhere   GraalVM, not the holy grail, but definitely a useful tool to help you write better code, deploy faster and use less memory. My first introduction to GraalVM was at the 2018 JFall Conference where I attended a session called "A Developer's Introduction to GraalVM" presented by Oleg Selajev.

Testing: Education and experience

Paul Peeters op 18 June, 2019

What makes a software tester a good tester? Is it merely about having a relevant degree or certificate? Or are there other skills that are beneficial to becoming an invaluable asset in a software development team? In this blog post, I will answer these questions and give examples of how a tester can thrive in a dynamic organization. Note:...

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