How we got CISSP's

Daisy Rasing-de Joode op 18 January, 2017

Barri Jansen and I went back into the school banks last year. Mid-2016 we decided to affirm our security related knowledge by getting the CISSP-title. CISSP stands for Certified Information System Security Professional (Lord, how I hate those unpronounceable titles) and is the leading international title in information security. When someone...

Our agile journey towards a fancy ISMS - Part 4

Daisy Rasing-de Joode op 3 August, 2016

We, Avisi, have started an agile journey. A journey with one destination: a fancy ISMS for Avisi. I gladly take you along on our trip, by blogging about the adventures we’ve been through. So fasten your seatbelt, we will travel through a roadmap to remember.

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