Our agile journey towards a fancy ISMS - Part 3

Daisy Rasing-de Joode op 5 April, 2016

We, Avisi, have started an agile journey. A journey with one destination: a fancy ISMS for Avisi. I gladly take you along on our trip, by blogging about the adventures we've been through. So fasten your seatbelt, we will travel through a roadmap to remember. Meet our fellow traveler In my previous blogpost I mentioned we succeeded in...

Cross-platform certificate access with Cordova part 2 - iOS

Avisi werknemer op 8 March, 2016

In my previous post we took a look at accessing Android's installed certificates through a Cordova plugin. Creating a Cordova plugin and only supporting Android hardly makes sense, so this post will focus on adding support for iOS. In order to add iOS support you will need basic Objective-C knowledge for the native implementation and at...

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