Forget about titles - follow up

Maarten Arts op 19 September 2014

Gert-Jan wrote a blogpost about ‘Forget about titles’ yesterday, in which he writes about the responsibility of the team. He said that members of a team should help each other out when they’ve finished their work, even if that means they have to help out with work they’re not used to do. I completely agree with Gert-Jan and would like to...

Using Pixelapse as a designer among developers

Maarten Arts op 26 May 2014

As a designer, I’m a minority at Avisi. Other than some occasional HTML & CSS, I don’t work with code. I don’t touch my Terminal every day and I certainly don’t push to git every single week. Instead, I use software like Axure and Adobe Cloud to create graphics, wireframes, logo’s and other useful design stuff that my colleagues need.

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