Why you should use BrowserSync

Mitchel Kuijpers op 10 April, 2014

We use Grunt with LiveReload and it is a serious productivity booster having your browser reload when you change some css or javascript, especially since we have pretty big screens. LiveReload is pretty easy to configure but it is always a bit of hassle, you have to include a little html snippet in your body or install a browser plugin which...

HTML5 canvas in the browser and on the server

Mitchel Kuijpers op 11 March, 2014

HTML 5 Canvas in the browser and on the server For our upcoming event Asas 2014 we are currently working on a custom ticketing system. One of the requirements we got from our UX designer is that it should be possible to preview the ticket you will get on Asas 2014. And ideally we should be able to print an exact copy of the preview. Our...

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