Connecting (Software and ITSM) Tooling to Jira

Patrick van der Rijst op 16 April 2019

So one question we get very often is if it's possible to integrate non-Atlassian software and ITSM tools with Jira (and Bitbucket)? Well, the short answer is yes, yes it is! You may want to use some integration tools to optimise this though, so just read on to find out more...

Password Reset in Jira

Patrick van der Rijst op 03 December 2018

"I've forgotten my password, could you please reset it?" - Administrators tend to get this question a little too often... Whenever possible, we try to eliminate repetitive tasks like these through automation. In this particular case, automating password resets means less context switching and low-value tasks for admins, which is already a...

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