Choices we haven’t regretted

Robin van Breukelen op 7 July, 2014

A year ago we started on the new MoreApp platform. Its predecessor was more of a proof of concept that was sold to some customers. It was time to build a stable, better performing and more user-friendly application that would be ready for the next phase of the product. Since then, we’ve had to make some (technological) choices, and I’d like...

My deep-dive into website development

Robin van Breukelen op 12 May, 2014

Recently, I was tasked with creating the new MoreApp website. The last time I had done any web development was back in the days that was an acceptable way to do styling and DHTML was still a thing. Needless to say: I don’t do a lot of web development and don’t know much about it. This had to change, so I took a deep dive into modern-day web...

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