Tips & Tricks: Create a Planned Version Field in Jira

Kitty de Ruijter op 2 August, 2018

The objective of this post is to provide a way to easily record and view issues' fix versions as they were initially planned. Enter the 'Planned Version' field. This field can be useful when you need to report on releases. This is often the case if you're working on a project in collaboration with a customer or a third party supplier.  

Onboarding and Asset Management using Jira and Confluence

Patrick van der Rijst op 23 March, 2018

At Avisi we strive to automate as much as we can, it's in our DNA. We do this because we like it, but more importantly, we do it to reduce the strain of repeatable tasks and to eliminate the human error factor. When possible, we also try to introduce the fun factor into some automated work processes, like for example, the gamification of...

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