Build an Awesome Jira Service Desk in 5 Steps

Patrick van der Rijst op 13 May, 2019

The first point of contact for customers is often your service desk, so it's really important that it helps to raise customer satisfaction, but it should certainly make your life easier too. If you're planning to build a service desk (or help desk) using Jira Service Desk or you just want to improve your existing JSD portal, we're here to...

Password Reset in Jira

Patrick van der Rijst op 3 December, 2018

"I've forgotten my password, could you please reset it?" - Administrators tend to get this question a little too often... Whenever possible, we try to eliminate repetitive tasks like these through automation. In this particular case, automating password resets means less context switching and low-value tasks for admins, which is already a...

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