Connect week Austin

Gert-Jan van de Streek op 30 July, 2017

Howdy y'all! Last week I wrote about going back to Austin. We participated in Atlassian's Connect Week in Austin. Connect Week is where Atlassian invites add-on developers, like Avisi, from all around the world to work on their own products. Direct access to Atlassian developers gives us a highly productive week and that will eventually...

Back to where it all began

Gert-Jan van de Streek op 21 July, 2017

Around 20 years ago I was lucky enough to go to Austin Texas for an internship. Today I'm back in Austin and a lot has changed. That's ok of course, cities develop and improve. Austin was also where the first ideas around Avisi developed. We are not ready for our 20th birthday yet, but Austin is definitely where it started. Avisi also...

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