Kennis Don't bring your laptop to work day

Don't bring your laptop to work day

It happens now and then that somebody shows up at the office... without a laptop. Left at home in the morning rush to work. No way to resume work where it was left the day before.

At first glance, this seems bad news. But when you look again... There is no way to be sucked into the daily routine of checking the mail, twitter, rss feeds. No way to loose track in a chat conversation. No way for distraction of any sort.

Instead you've got all day to show your interest in other projects and other people's work. Pair up with a colleague, preferably in another role (hint: developers, go see a test engineer). Learn, be critical, teach.

I suggest a regular don't bring your laptop to work day for a least someone on your team, once a week. You might be surprised.