Kennis Why we work the way we do

Why we work the way we do

Our core business is software development and we're good at it. We know our job and are proud of our work. Our customers say we are professionals and we agree. We listen to our customers, we build what they need and appreciate their feedback on a regular basis.


Our process is defined and standardized without turning software developers into code monkeys, after all software development is a creative and fun job, but we decided to standardize the hard parts of software development based upon the agile manifesto:



Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

We use Scrum to keep focus on some key values: transparency, measurable progress and feedback. It's easy to combine Scrum with pair programming so we do. Although the manifesto says "the left" is more important than "the right" we think you sometimes can achieve the left, using the right. We are fan of the Atlassian tool suite so we use Confluence for just enough documentation and JIRA for planning and progress.


Working software over comprehensive documentation

We said it: we believe in just enough documentation in favor of working software. We incrementally deliver working software every iteration by automating most of our (unit-, integration- and performance)tests.


Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

By transparently delivering working software over and over we gained the trust of our customers: of course we sometimes screw up, but we take responsibility and always have a backup plan. Therefore we can focus on developing software instead of hiring or employing expensive sales managers or lawyers.


Responding to change over following a plan

You first have to make a plan to be able to change the plan. Estimates are valuable, re-estimates based on changed insight are more valuable.


We work this way because we actually care about software, especially your software. To actually deliver working software we need knowledge, lots of knowledge, so we radiate when we can, visit and contribute to conferences and publicly share our knowledge on a regular basis during tech days. We adapt to state-of-the art methods and tools without losing sight of the one and only goal: to deliver working software.