About us

Our history

Before founding Avisi, college friends Barri, Jan and Gert-Jan worked for a specialized IT company that was taken over by a large contractor. Soon after, that company started focusing on things other than their employees and their skills. Our three founders believed in a different approach. They envisioned a software company that focuses on people and their talent. A company that makes people proud and where a job isn't just a job. Led by this vision, Avisi was founded in 2000.


Award-winning vision

There is a reason why we use the term "award-winning" vision. Our founders, Jan, Barri, and Gert-Jan won an award for the best graduation project at the end of their studies.

We don't strive to be the biggest, but our goal is to be the best!

Our approach to software development is best explained through the analogy of top-level sports. We compare our employees to professional athletes. They are passionate and knowledgable. They can't help themselves to strive for greatness and they push themselves to improve every single day. We do everything to support them by creating an optimal working environment with the best tooling and processes. 

Our teams

Our teams are small and independent. Each team delivers high-quality software that meets our customers' wishes and exceeds their expectations. We invest in our employees by investing in their education, giving them the opportunity to visit conferences and by organizing in-house events. We actively encourage knowledge sharing to collectively improve our skills.

Core values

Motivated by passion

Everyone at Avisi is passionate about software development. This shines through in our commitment to every customer. We share our knowledge to help, inspire and ignite the same passion that we feel.

Trust is crucial

Trust and reliability is our top priority. As a company, we are transparent about what we do. We respect our customers and we help them reach their business objectives by delivering the best software.

Quality is a priority

We deliver high-quality software that can be measured for its value. We contribute to our customers' success by delivering valuable software.

Innovation is in our nature

We want to excel and inspire others at all times. That is why we continue to improve ourselves: we train each other, share knowledge and keep track of the latest developments in our field.


We are driven by passion, we stand for quality, trust is crucial and we continue to innovate to keep developing. We do everything in our power to achieve the best results. We will always look for ways to keep excelling.