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Tailored to your business processes

ERP software aims to maximize the productivity of organizations by automatically handling logistical, administrative and financial business processes. Standard ERP software is often so generic that it does not fit well with the specific needs of an organization or industry. Is this true for your organization? Avisi can develop ERP software that is fully tailored to your business processes.

Why choose customized ERP software?

There are a number of standard ERP packages that contain a large number of functionalities that are used by many organizations. Does this mean that they are always the best solution? They might work well for many organizations, but as can you can read at the top of this page, there are many reasons to opt for a customized ERP package.

Our experience with ERP solutions

Avisi only wants to develop software that contributes to your success. Thanks to our years of experience in developing custom ERP software, we can ensure that it will perfectly support your employees in their daily work. The software will be specifically tailored to your needs, so you can focus on your core business and achieve your objectives.

An example of our custom ERP software is the development of a package specifically for notary offices. Working closely with this client has given us a vast understanding of the work processes at notary's offices. Over the years, we have learned that:

  • In this industry, time registration is done every six minutes.
  • Different rates apply for different activities.
  • The protection of personal data is very important.
  • An advanced workflow system is required.
  • Links with external parties such as mortgage lenders, the land register and the tax authorities must be set up efficiently and securely.

Everything we learned about the industry has contributed to the development of a SAAS ERP solution that does justice to the work processes within notary offices. On top of that, we have incorporated a CRM and Object Database into the ERP package, so that all employees are able to work efficiently within one software package. And the best thing? The custom ERP software not only gives overall efficiency a boost, but it also increases employee satisfaction. Employees are better supported by the software and they can access it from any location!

But our expertise does not end with notary offices. We have also applied this method to the development of ERP software for other industries. Examples of industries where customized ERP software can make a difference are municipalities and the legal profession.

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