High-performance teams

We encourage our employees to become the best version of themselves. This enables us to create software that exceeds our customers' expectations and helps them to achieve their business objectives. We stimulate our teams to be the best through tooling, process optimization, training, and knowledge sharing. This is how we build our high-performance teams.

high-performance teams

Assembling high-performance teams 

We put a lot of care into assembling our high-performance teams. This starts with finding the right person for the job. Each team is different. When defining a profile, we look at the specific team dynamics, team culture, and existing knowledge within the team. Once we have found a match, we test if the candidate is a good match and will add value to the team. 

New employees are trained in a process with a strong focus on the tools, techniques, and methods used within the team. We explain our development methodology, we train them in the use of the CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) and DevOps tooling and they are introduced to Avisi's core values.

We train our team leads to get the best out of their team to reach their true potential, by optimizing cooperation and stimulating the internal drive of all team members. Because of this culture, our employee satisfaction score has been an 8 or higher for years.


Proces optimization

In addition to developing software, we are in control of the entire software life cycle. Our teams draw on years of experience in software development by using proven processes and methodologies for the design, development, and maintenance of software. These processes are measured, either automated or not, and optimized based on the results.

The things that we learn from the results are shared throughout the organization. After the processes are properly described, we look for tooling that optimally supports these processes. We ensure that this tooling is set up according to the ideals of the team.


A better team, the best result

A high-performance team achieves results that exceed expectations by the way they work together. Everyone feels connected to the goal. The drive to improve yourself is at the core of the team and team members cooperate smoothly. As a result, they deliver the best results.


Seven characteristics of a high-performance team

High-performance teams achieve surprising results. By optimizing processes and sharing knowledge, team members bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues. Our teams are completely autonomous with a technical team lead taking the lead. Working in a high-performance team is inspiring which makes employees feel valued and they enjoy working on awesome assignments. Our high-performance teams in a nutshell:

  • A shared vision and approach in which everyone can excel. Together we can make an impact on society.
  • Extensive knowledge of and skilled at software development and the tools used.
  • Each team has a strong focus on achieving set objectives. Your goals as a customer are paramount in all decisions that our teams make.
  • Individual needs are met by strong leaders with a technical background and a lot of experience working in high-performance teams.
  • Continuous coordination takes place with stakeholders outside the team - with you, our customer!
  • Our teams have their own culture that is characterized by continuous improvement, innovation, and growth. Sharing knowledge is in Avisi's genes.
  • Always striving for the best results. 
  • We measure the performance of our teams and are constantly looking for improvements.

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