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According to the market research firm Standish Group, 44% of major IT projects failed in 2018. These expensive failures are often caused by project scopes that are too broad or mismatched with stakeholder expectations. The chance of a failing project can be greatly reduced by developing a Proof of Concept (PoC).

A Proof of Concept uncovers and tests if your idea can be developed into meaningful software for your business. It demonstrates the feasibility of using a certain technology or functionality and if the software is applicable in practice. It researches the provided added value and determines if it will fit in the experience of the intended users.

A Proof of Concept will help you convince decision-makers of the viability of your software idea. The unprecedented value of a Proof of Concept will help to get your investors on board by giving them a clear demonstration of the chances of success of your project.

Blockchain, augmented reality and AI: new technologies to realize ideas

We don't just test our customers' software ideas, we also research the added value of new technologies for them. Read on and find out what we have achieved with Blockchain technology, Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).



In a Proof of Concept for Robeco, we demonstrated the added value of Blockchain technology for their new investment app. We used this technology in the development of an app where internal employees can compete against each other in an investment game.


Augmented Reality

We use Augmented Reality to visualize our own software architecture for customers. Though an experience on its own, it's also a useful way of visualizing abstract information to our customers.


Artificial Intelligence

We are actively researching Artificial Intelligence (AI) because we believe in the future of this technology. Do you have an idea for the use of AI software in your organization? Get in touch!

Benefits of a Proof of Concept

An idea is not enough to start building your software. By turning your abstract idea into a concrete product, we can prove the viability of your project and with these results, you will be able to inspire and enthuse decision-makers. Proofs of Concept are vital in software development: it only makes sense to spend time and money on a project if it will lead to added business value. It will also determine which elements, technologies, and functionalities are needed in your final product.

In our Proofs of Concept, we deliver:

  • Working software to demo the solution;
  • Recommendations to achieve a good interpretation of the final product;
  • An overview of the technical feasibility and the (remaining) risks of the solution.

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