Software Quality Assessment

What is the quality of your software?

Companies using software that no longer optimally meets users' expectations are ubiquitous. These discrepancies can be found in all areas: functional, but also in ​​performance or security. Does this sound familiar? The solution to this problem is to have an external Software Quality Assessment provide insight into how the mismatch between expectation and performance has evolved. It will also help in making well-informed choices for investing in the right improvements.

We have been unburdening our customers in terms of software development since 2000 and we always strive to achieve (visible and measurable) quality. In addition, we focus on the continuous development of our own software development process. This makes us adept at knowing exactly which requirements software must meet. We also offer this expertise for your existing software projects.

During our Software Quality Assessment, we will examine your software at three different levels:


1. Code Assessment

Our in-house experts check the quality of the source code with both automated and manual checks. They also look at the test coverage, quality of the tests, maintainability of the code and the use of software components.


2. Architecture Assessment

The software architecture must be set up in such a way that it is able to meet the (future) wishes of the software. During the Assessment, we will scrutinize the software to see if it meets performance, scalability and security requirements today and in the future. We also assess the complexity of the setup.


3. Process Assessment

The software development process is just as important as the software itself. Is the process predictable? What is the quality of the documentation and system tests? How are deployments performed? Are all processes automated? These are questions that we answer during the process Assessment.

In addition to providing insight, we believe it is important that the Software Quality Assessment provides you with immediate added value. The Assessment is concluded with a report with concrete recommendations for improvement.

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